Irish Claddagh Rings
Irish Claddagh ring history, Claddagh meaning and related Claddagh articles
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Irish Claddagh Rings :: More Claddagh Articles

Irish Claddagh Ring History, meaning and related Claddagh articles

How to Wear Claddagh Rings
The proper way to wear Claddagh rings- yes there are different ways!

Birthstone Claddagh Rings
How to chose your favorite Birthstone Claddagh Rings.

Emerald Claddagh Rings
The most fitting gemstones for the ring of the Emerald Isle, emeralds have great symbolic and historical significance.

Irish Friendship Jewelry 
Claddagh Jewelry known affectionately as Irish friendship jewelry comes in more than just rings.

Caring for Your Claddagh Rings
Tips on cleaning and caring for your Irish Claddagh rings and Claddagh Jewelry.

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