Irish Claddagh Rings
Ireland's Claddagh Jewelry is known as Irish Friendship jewelry
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Irish Claddagh Rings :: Irish Friendship Jewelry

Claddagh Jewelry is affectionately known as Irish Friendship Jewelry

Claddagh Jewelry is also known throughout the world as Irish Friendship Jewelry.  The Claddagh is a symbol with many layers of meaning, but the main sentiment behind the Claddagh is the motto "love, loyalty and friendship", summarized as "Let love and friendship reign".  Irish Claddagh rings are often given as a token of matrimony due to the heart in the center of the ring, which symbolizes love.  The hands represent friendship and the crown represents loyalty, which is why the Claddagh is known as Irish friendship jewelry.  Thus, although the ring began over 300 years ago as a wedding and engagement ring, the ring is often worn as a sign of Irish heritage, or given as a symbol of friendship.

Irish Friendship Jewelry comes in many forms

Claddagh rings are still the most popular form of Irish friendship jewelry, but there are now more options of Claddagh jewelry than ever before.  There are birthstone rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, necklaces and even toe rings. Yes toe rings!  You can choose from simple $20 silver Claddagh rings, to 14K gold and platinum rings from $200 to over $ 8,000.  There are so many choices, that you should have no problem finding a perfect symbol of love, loyalty and friendship for that special person in your life, even if all they wear is toe rings.