Irish Claddagh Rings
How to wear Claddagh rings, the most famous Irish Wedding Bands
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Irish Claddagh Rings :: How to Wear Claddagh Rings

How to Wear Claddagh Rings - the traditional Irish Wedding Bands

If you are not in Ireland, then you may be wondering how to wear Claddagh rings, the most famous of Irish wedding bands.  Well, first the basics.  The people of ancient times thought that the ring finger or the third finger (the thumb is not considered a finger), had within it a vein that connected directly to the heart.  This was in the Latin called “vena amoris” or the vein of love.  This is thought to be why those in love currently wear Irish Claddagh rings, Irish wedding bands and other tokens of love on the third finger.   So, to know how to wear Claddagh Rings, first you need to know if it is for love.

The direction in which the heart of the Irish Claddagh ring faces indicates the status of your current relationship, if any.  If you are single, and want others to know that you are available, then wear the Claddagh ring on your right hand with the heart facing outward toward your finger tip.  To show that you are engaged, or have given your heart to another, Claddagh Rings should be worn with the heart facing toward your heart (or the wrist).  Now, how to wear Claddagh rings when you are married?  Commonly, during the traditional Irish wedding ceremony, the ring is taken from the left hand, and placed on the ring finger of the right hand with the heart of the Claddagh ring facing the heart (or wrist) of the wearer.

How to wear Claddagh Rings -Put your Irish wedding band on last !

Lastly, if you are wearing an Irish Claddagh engagement ring as well as any type of Irish wedding bands, then which ring to place on your finger first is a matter of preference.  It is a general custom to wear rings in the order in which you receive them, thus the Claddagh engagement ring would be placed on your finger before the Irish wedding band.  This also makes sense in that this will keep the more expensive of the Claddagh rings in a safer place, higher upon your finger.  While the choice in how to wear Claddagh rings is up to you, it is wise to let history and common sense be your guide.