Irish Claddagh Rings
More Irish Claddagh ring history, and the origin of the Claddagh Rings
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Irish Claddagh Rings :: History of Claddagh Rings

More History of Claddagh Rings

18th Century Claddagh Rings
The great famine of the nineteenth century caused a loss of many eighteenth century Claddagh rings

Claddagh Meaning and Derivation
Claddagh is derived from an Irish word meaning stony shore.

History of Claddagh Rings-Spanish Version
In this legend, Claddagh Rings were founded as a token of friendship between Spain and the Irish.

Celebrity Claddagh Rings
From John F. Kennedy to John Wayne, celebrities add to the history of Irish Claddagh rings

Claddagh Legends
Lore and legends of the the Claddagh ring

Claddagh Royalty
European and American royalty who have donned an Irish Claddagh

The Spread of the Claddagh Tradition
the history and spread of this unique Irish tradition

Claddagh Ring History
A look at this symbolic piece of jewelry from Richard Joyce to the famous people that have worn it

Galway Ireland
Galway is the birthplace of the Claddagh ring

We are always looking for information and history on Irish Claddagh rings.  More great Claddagh History articles are coming soon, so check back with us!