Irish Claddagh Rings
The Ancient Order of Hibernians are keeping the tradition of the Claddagh ring alive
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Irish Claddagh Rings :: Ring Bearing Hibernians

Ring Bearing Hibernians

The Irish are known for a strong sense of history and heritage, but one group in particular has ties to Ireland that has manifested in a organization that has lasted for over 300 years.  The Ancient Order of Hibernians originally began in the early seventeenth century and was instrumental in keeping Catholic priests alive after the oppressive reign of Henry VIII.

A similar group formed in America in 1836 in New York, which grew greatly during Ireland's Great Famine of the mid nineteenth century.  Irish newcomers to America are still welcomed to America by the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and help keep Irish traditions alive.  Members feel a sense of community in a place where Claddagh rings and other cultural ties are preserved.  Their motto:  Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity has a similar ring to the motto of the Claddagh, namely Love, Loyalty and Friendship. 

With each generation becoming more removed from their Irish roots, the AOH in America has provided a need link to the past and a wonderful way to not only keep Irelands customs and culture alive, but a way to meet friends and meet individuals with similar interests.  For more information, you can go to their website