Irish Claddagh Rings
The Irish Claddagh meaning of love, loyalty and friendship
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Irish Claddagh Rings :: Claddagh Meaning

The Irish Claddagh Meaning of love, loyalty and friendship has endured since the first gold Claddagh ring in Galway Ireland

The Irish Claddagh meaning has had many different interpretations ever since the original gold Claddagh ring was crafted in Galway Ireland over 300 years ago.  The Claddagh meaning, though is best defined by the motto "Let love and friendship reign", which is embodied in the unique design that has been worn by people all over the world, from Queen Victoria to Ronald Reagan to Walt Disney.

The Claddagh meaning is also different for each person that wears it.  This is because the Irish Claddagh ring has many rich layers of meaning.  The hands on the ring signify friendship, the heart signifies love, and the crown is said to signify loyalty.

The Claddagh meaning is also determined by how the ring is worn

The Claddagh ring is worn upon the left hand with the heart facing outward if the wearer is still available, while if the heart faces inward, the wearer's heart is taken.  If the ring is placed on the right hand, the Claddagh meaning is completely different; this signifies that the wearer is married.

And thus the Claddagh meaning is not only rooted in Galway Ireland history, but also in each person that wears it.  From the first Irish Claddagh rings to the tens of thousands of rings that now adorn the hands of people throughout the world, the ring still carries with it the timeless motto "Let love and friendship reign".